I am Ziggy Coore’s mother and I’d like to share the joyful experiences that come with being parent to a child with Autism. As such, people tend to be sympathetic versus empathetic towards Ziggy due to their lack of understanding that he is more than a child on the spectrum, but a human being just like everyone of us.

The spectrum isn’t a linear range from more to less autistic. Rather, it is a continuum of various autistic traits that individuals experience such as sensory issues, fixations, routines, social difficulties, eye contact, and executive functioning.  A lot of Ziggy’s progress is measured by charts, numbers, and assessments. Art, however, is an immeasurable depiction of his brain stimulation and improvement, how he evolves from each piece of work to the next, with pride.

This site was created to share with the everyone the beauty that Ziggy exudes in the way he connects with the world around him through art. Autistic is not my son’s identity, but a fraction of who he is. He is 4 years old and loves to draw. 

Ziggy has a sparkle of purity in his eyes and is extremely curious. He radiates sunshine energy in his intelligence and is intricately fearless which proves to me that he views the world differently than most do. His emotional expression  drives me to advocate on his behalf quite a bit, but I am not his voice. His art speaks volumes.

Please visit the support page to see Ziggy’s creations. 

Hello World


Here are a few resources that have been helpful on our journey thus far. 

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